Who we are.

Joshua TumeltyJoshua Tumelty
At MakersMage, we believe in the raw power of creative ideas to influence and drive behavior. And we believe that power must be protected. MakersMage is an independent creative consultancy purposely built to identify and overcome the many destructive forces that threaten the creative process. We help forge an environment where all aspects of creativity can thrive. Ideas rule. And creative craft prevails. At MakersMage, our vision is as forthright as our tagline — Play. Make. Believe.
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The principles we hold sacred. 

Have a backbone. Legacies fade. Character endures. Never, ever lose sight of your creative beliefs. They can prove to be a compelling force.

Let your imagination lead. Never compromise creativity at the expense of profit. Forever chase the idea of what could be. Eventually, you’ll catch it.

Make stuff that matters.The world is filled with noise. Quiet your mind. Make space. And when you create, do so with the intent to leave a mark.

Take risks. Big ones. Be fearless, but not foolish. Embrace the unknown. Resist the comfort that comes from complacency. Make mistakes. Learn fast.

Creativity is a gift.Cherish every moment you get a chance to create. Feed your creative soul. Be inspired by everything and everyone that surrounds you.

Shake things up. Don’t fall victim to groupthink. Be insightful. Be opinionated. Be open. But recognize that outliers often drive change and innovation.

What we do.

Things around us are forever changing. Transformation in our industry is inevitable. Fear and anxiety abound as we enter into the great unknown and risk further compromising the creative product. But there it is. Deep inside all those who create. That spark, that surge, desperate to be unleashed. Like pure magic, curiosity is provoked, a sense of wonder awakened.

ECD Amplifier
Multiple pitches. Scaling new accounts. Vacation coverage and open reqs. The ebb and flow of business is erratic with constantly competing priorities. Augment your most valuable creative leaders with the support they need and avoid the inevitable burnout.

The Creative Spark
Feeling stagnant? Uninspired? The daily grind can devour us all. It’s time for a reinvention. From identifying barriers to creativity to reimagining briefs and redefining process. We have the tools and experience necessary to make creativity a point of differentiation.

Art of the Sell
99% of all ideas die at the mouth of the presenter. Don’t let your brilliant thinking fall victim to the cutting room floor. Our 3-part interactive workshop cuts to the core of the art of selling — the story, the storyteller, and the performance.

High-octane Teams
Organizational design. Talent assessments. Gap analyses. Yeah, we’ve done it all. Learn the secret to a more agile workforce without compromising creative quality. Start delivering against the business you have and the business you want.

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We practice what we preach.

MakersMage is a full-service creative solution designed for today's gig economy. In addition to our consultative services, MakersMage offers a range of creative capabilities, from creative strategy, to ideation, through content, design, and activation. Put an end to the excessive burden that comes with managing one-off capabilities and hire for total project ownership. 

Visual Design
Where craft, idea, and communication all intersects. More than just beautiful aesthetic, we thrive in a world of visual communications. We have a deep bench of design assassins with the specialty craft to meet a wide-range of critical needs.

Content Creation
Long form. Short form. From creative writing to gnarly scientific content. We know people. Lots of people. And have historically partnered with some of the best talent in the industry. Screenwriters. Medical writers. Scientists. And poets. Each their own sorcerer of syntax.

Creative Strategy
Even the best creative ideas fall on deaf ears if they fail to connect to business goals. We can help bridge the divide between human need, marketing objectives, and creative ingenuity. It begins with the brief and ends with crafting a compelling story.

Ideas and Activation
No one knows the pressure to create on demand better than a creative. The stakes are high. Timing tight. And little room for half-baked thinking. Our approach? Selective selling. Quality over quantity. Only the rare ideas destined to win.

Digital Solutions?

No problem. For all technical-related builds — from web, mobile, application development, and product innovation — we collaborate with our preferred digital partner Moxie Labs. To learn more about Moxie Labs, click here.

We make stuff. Wanna see?

More than a decade of creative leadership and the proof is in the product. Unfortunately, that product is eternally guarded by the Eye of Sauron. Or perhaps simply buried in years' worth of hard drive data. Never the less, interested in seeing what we got? Simply drop us an email at the link below or give us a call. We're happy to share and frankly there's nothing we love more than talking about ideas.
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The services that are trending.

The categories we serve.

Customer types and channels may vary but the creative principles we abide by remain constant. From A-Z, MakersMage offers a wide range of category expertise. Having predominately served in the health and wellness space, MakersMage is a pharmaceutical maven. But the journey began well outside the health arena. From car batteries to telecommunications and immunology to oncology, our creative sandbox is far-reaching and our passion boundless.

Healthcare experience
- Animal Health
- Device and Diagnostics
- Health and Beauty
- Healthcare Technology
- Nutrition and Wellness

Consumer / B2B experience
- Automotive
- Consumer Electronics
- Corporate Tax
- Document Solutions
- Education
- Financial
- Government
- Industrial
- Information Technology
- Manufacturing
- Non-profit
- Software and Systems
- Telecommunications
- Wireless Services

Pharmaceutical experience
- Autoimmune and Rheumatology
- Infectious Disease
- Neurology 
- Oncology
- Rare and Orphan Disease
- Allergy and Immunology 
- Vaccines (Pediatric and Adult)

Every day we’re hustling.

Joshua Tumelty
Research shows that by the year 2025, 69% of the workforce will be composed of contract, consultant, or freelance talent. The future of our industry will be built on the backs of the independents. Those small, agile, and ambitious few who believe they can change the world. Have an idea for a business opportunity? At MakersMage we love a good side hustle. Set your entrepreneurial spirit free. 
Spark an idea.